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Many people in America are aware of the war in Ukraine. But what most people have not heard about is a new Holy War that is being waged against Satanism, which is synonymous with neoliberalism and leftist ideologies.

The Holy War I speak of is being cloaked by the media as a political battle of the Left vs Right.

But in reality, this is a philosophical war and what religionists might call an Apocalyptic War of competing religions that have brought the battle to each and every man, woman, and child in the world.

On the Left side of the war, you have the atheists, progressives, gender fluidisists, and free-loving queers – the Satanists.

On the Right, we have the God-believing conservatives who are fighting for their traditional values, morals, and families – the Traditionalists.

Philosophically speaking, these competing ideologies can be defined as Traditionalism vs Modernism or Conservatism vs Liberalism, and politically speaking, they are represented by the Democrats on the Left and Republicans on the Right.

While both parties are made up of men and women with similar genetic makeups and biological systems, it is the opposing ideas and lifestyles that separate them like oil and water or Jesus and Satan.

This is why when it comes to discussing their respective ideas on how our culture and society should operate, they normally do not see eye to eye. Today, these differences are beginning to culminate into a full-fledged cultural and political war.

Many people do not understand that these two ideologies are mostly incompatible. Also, there is a long history of these neoliberal and left-wing ideologies indoctrinating the public that is associated and promoted with Satanism.

Like Satanists, today’s neoliberals try to turn our cultural and religious traditions upside-down, thereby turning reality on its head – Demon est Deus Inversus.

Boldly lying to our faces trying to turn men into women and women into men, and re-write current events and history in their own image.

Satan, the Father of Lies, would feel right at home today in the West.

Many Christian believe we are witnessing an Apocalyptic war. God vs. Satan, Angels vs. Demons, and in America, a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Saint John speaking against the Romans who invaded his country with their pagan religion and his fellow Judeans who have turned their back on their ancestral traditions said;

“I know thy tribulation, and thy poverty (but thou art rich), and the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews, and they are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.”

History has a way of repeating itself.

This may be why you have other Christian centric countries like Russia that have launched a Holy War claiming military action against Satanists entrenched in Ukraine. The political elite led by President Vladimir Putin has openly declared to the world that America and the Western ruling class openly promote Satanism with extreme neoliberal values aimed at children at the degradation of the family.

Then we have award-winning journalists such as Lara Logan being canceled for calling the “Global elites dine on the blood of children and are the servants of Satan.”

Today, this fight has officially entered a new era where modern Leftists have taken this to the next level with a legal battle to secure their position on the American political landscape.

They have taken this battle to the next level and they want to force their ideologies and lifestyles upon everyone else using the media and the law.

 These neoliberals and outright Satanists are now in Washington, our schools, and families under the pretense of social justice and woke ideologies to change U.S. laws, influence minds, and at the same time, change your child’s gender and sexual preferences without your consent.

AND this is all happening in real-time right before all of our eyes.

An era where the freedom for people from having to obey normal social rules, laws, and traditional values that every other citizen does, as with modern movements such as the peculiar immunity from prosecution that can be found in Black Lives Matter (BLM), and Antifa protests.

A time in history when our culture allows them to ‘Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law’ as they chant “Hail, Satan!” during a pro-abortion march on the way to the local elementary school in order to groom your 6-year-old child into their Satanic and queer cult.

All the while, the neoliberal agenda is being legally pushed along by Satanic sects like The Satanic Temple. A group that is mostly made up of extreme Leftists and LGBTQ+ people that are fighting for Satanism with initiatives such as the legal right for Satanic prayer in schools, Satanic after school programs, Satanic statues at State Capitols, abortion, and transgender rights.

It is so out of control that in schools across the U.S., school officials are allowing transgender drag shows where grown adults show their genitals to little kids as their Liberal parents cheer at the spectacle.

Then after the show, their idiotic, and some say mentally ill child abusing parents can buy an official T-shirt on Amazon for their child that reads, ‘666: SATAN RESPECTS PRONOUNS’, complete with an image of Baphomet bearing devilish horns colored to match the transgender flag.

These ideas create a mindset of competing belief systems within people that form our ideas and how we make sense of the world and ourselves. It influences how we think, feel, and behave.

Especially our nation’s youth.

This nihilistic hive mindset has not only destroyed American traditional values, and families but also seeks to groom your children into their cult and bring the U.S. to its destruction.

As a father with four young children at home who believes in traditional values and morals for my family, this is where I draw the line in the sand and have decided to make a stand against these Leftist ideologies and the Satanic philosophers who espouse them.

The premise of my book is to help define this mindset and the very people who have infected our nation with these destructive liberal ideologies that have led to what I like call, “The Satanic State of America.”



Hello! My name is Moe Bedard. I’m the founder of Gnostic Warrior and the author of a new book and online docuseries called, The Satanic State of America.

Please consider funding this project at whatever level is right for you.



My name is Moe and I’m the founder of the Gnostic Warrior and a new book and docuseries called The Satanic State of America.

All of the people and ideas in my book were unfathomably influential on American Culture, becoming famous and cult icons to a whole generation of wayward youth. Some created rockets, invented their own religions, and started businesses. While for the vast majority of others this lifestyle led to self-destruction and some lunatics on the fringe, murderers and serial killers.

For the last ten years, I have been working on this project by researching long hours, collecting material, producing articles, creating podcasts, and everything in between.

After several years of collaborating with a global network of some of the world’s best authors, philosophers, and scholars, I’m thrilled to announce this project to the world.

Now has come the time to put it all together in a book and docuseries. To do so, I ask that you be part of this project in what I consider to be a critical time in our history.

Please consider funding this project at whatever level is right for you on <a href=”″>Go Fund Me.</a>

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